Valérie Dumaine is a Montreal-based slow fashion designer that has been active in the fashion scene for more than 20 years. She graduated from LaSalle College in 1997 and then spent the next five years doing work as an illustrator, patternmaker, and designer for various local companies. During that period, she also went to London where she did a formative internship. Upon completion of her Certificate in German at UQAM in 2002, Valérie Dumaine was once again Europe-bound; this time, her focus was Berlin. She reveled in the German fashion scene and culture, acquiring a firm and definite direction. This experience became a major turning point in her career. After returning to Montreal, she decided to begin work on her own line. In the spring of 2004, Valérie Dumaine arrived in stores, first in Montreal and Ottawa, and then across Canada!

Valérie Dumaine likes to dig into the past; she creates refined and bold garments that are characterized by clean and elegant lines. Casual or sophisticated? Valérie Dumaine's carefully designed collections offer both options in a style that is assertive and unique. All collections are entirely made in Canada and are now completely vegan.

Photo: César Ochoa